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Lost: A Tale of Two Cities

*flails* Sawyer! On my TV again!!! And all is right with the world. He's sharing his fish biscuit that he's so proud of. And cracking jokes. AWWWW.

Jack looks good angry. And OMG, Jack was in jail!! Someone, quick, write a fic where Sawyer was in the same cell!

I think I would have enjoyed this episode more if I hadn't seen any clips from it ahead of time. It was kind of anticlimactic. So the big thing in the beginning was that The Others live in a quaint village and have a book club? Can Sawyer join?

That Kate/Henry scene was right out of some creepy fanfic! Great, now we're in for a lot of Kate/Tom and Kate/Henry (or Ben?)

WTF with Jack not being over that wench, Sarah. YOU'RE SO, SO MUCH BETTER THAN HER. SHE NEVER LOVED YOU. Gah. I don't like obsessive!stalker Jack. I guess I could see him doing that but why go there with his character? Because he has trouble letting go? Yeah, we already knew that. Should have saved Shannon's dad, dude. Everyone would have been better off. No lame wife, Shannon and Boone would still be alive. For the first time, I wanted to fast-forward through the Jack backstory. Is Christian capable of screwing Jack's no-good wife? Sure. I guess Lost needs its incest angle somewhere.

I'm already tired of the new chick. Please, please don't be confiding in her, Jack. And you think they'd have a better system for getting him his food. Did everyone else think that was Penny at first, playing the Petula Clark CD? They look really, really similar. Juliette? I thought they said her name was going to be Amelia. But I guess all the Others have fake names. And I'm really tired of Henry too and that sing-songy voice and that zombie stare.

Can we please see Jack in Thailand next? I really, really hope that's the last we ever see of Sarah.

And I have to say, seeing Evi behave like such an idiot on talk shows isn't helping endear me to Kate. I did love the awkwardness of Sawyer wondering how and why they made her wear that dress. But I'm sure I'll be in full flailing Skate mode for next week or whenever that kiss happens.

Chachi. *Ha* But don't trust that kid, Sawyer.

So ... hmm. A good start. MORE SAWYER, kthx.

ETA: The Nine did nothing at all for me except that I want Tim Daly and Kim Raver to make sweet, sweet love now! ;) I just wasn't a fan of the nonlinear format. I have a feeling it'll be flashing back to the robbery over and over. Just what I need -- more flashbacks. I hope Kim can still be available for 24. The show so far reminded me of the movie "Inside Man," which I liked a lot better.

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