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Supernatural: Everybody Loves a Clown

Grey's Anatomy: If there wasn't slash in this fandom, I think there will be now, LOL. Thank you, Meredith. You've finally done something generous for everyone. (Actually, I don't really want in on Derek/Finn, but hey, you can't knock slashy content on primetime TV.)


(Except for doomed parents of naive children and recently orphaned ghost hunters)

I liked this episode. It can't help but feel like a comedown after such a heartwrenching, powerful episode like last week, but I thought they dealt with the beastie of the week and their not dealing with Dad's death quite well.

I made screencaps. Like ... a lot of screencaps. *blushes* I can't help it. They're too pretty!

This was the first week I watched GA and downloaded SPN and it worked like a dream! I sat down at 10:20 to watch SPN! Awesome!! Hence, the screencaps, since I watched it live last week.

DEAN!! is so pretty. And he busted up the Impala!!!! WAH!

Our boys are so not okay. *sniffles*

OMG, funeral pyre! I thought first of Vikings, then of Darth Vader. C'mon, you know you did too.

DEAN SAYS DAD TOLD HIM NOTHING. Obviously saving the revelations of that convo til, oh, February or May sweeps?

Dean is too sad to flirt. Awww. And that non-approach is his best approach yet.

I loved that Roadhouse bar something fierce. There should be fic where it's Sawyer sleeping on that pool table. Because that is totally a bar where they would meet Sawyer. *nods* And then Sam would say, "Oh. I need to go ... over there.... now." And Dean and Sawyer could be alone in the mattresses in the back. See what you started, arabella_hope?!

I really liked Ellen or whatever her name was. I wouldn't mind if they swung back by that bar. And she totally had a thing with John.

OK, I had to upload at least one Sam screencap!

And I just put up a new header but ...

... this might have to take its place

And how could I forget...

Dean under the Impala

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