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Foxy in Cosmo

I assume you guys have seen this new photoshoot by now.

That second photo: GUH!

But ... Foxy seems really dismissive of Josh in it. He talks about how he (Foxy) won't talk his shirt off, how he "leaves that to Josh Holloway." Which seems like kind of a snotty thing to say. Especially because he uses his full name. :-/ He also talks about how the cast doesn't hang out as much as they used to, how they're all kind of living their own lives now. I guess that's inevitable, but it makes me sad. They had such a great friendship going, it seems. I don't want to believe those rumors of a feud between them are true but ... (And here's an article where Josh says he'd like to play someone who keeps his shirt on. )

On the other hand, all of them did fly to Mexico for Foxy's 40th birthday.

I don't know. Maybe I'm making too much of this. He might have said that one line about Josh with a laugh. Who knows? I mean, I know Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny weren't close and neither were Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan, but it seemed like the Lost cast really used to be.

There was a recent article that quoted Dom about tension on set, how people are upset because they don't get enough screen time. It may have been simply picking up those quotes from last spring's EW article. Anyway, they really have shafted a lot of cast members. Why even have them on the show if they never use them? And bringing in new people and giving them so much screen time has to be bad for morale.

And did you guys hear that the S3 premiere was down 25% from last year?
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