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Lost - Further Instructions

Is Charlie a robot? Because his reaction to Locke's disappearance/reappearance makes no sense, even given that he hates Locke. I guess he was happy or at least indifferent that Locke, Eko, and Desmond were presumably dead? ETA: Or, just brainwashed along with everyone else?

Also, they've finally found a use for Claire: She will stand around and ask all the questions no one else is asking. *hands Claire a list*

Oh great, we don't get shirtless Jack, but we get shirtless Locke. Foxy, WHY?

Wow, I almost didn't recognize Ian with long hair. DAMN, he looks good. (Am I the only one who thinks he looks a little like Christian Kane?) Can we get a Shannon visitation next?

And damn, Charlie, Claire and baby will be fine? *pouts* This is like a future fic, Sawyer and Kate traveling together. (Also, is that metal detector detecting the gay in Jack? ;D)

Wait ... Locke's going to save Eko's life? O_o He wasn't even in the airport vision. Process of elimination? (Also, hatch implodes and they're all fine? Ohhh-kay.)

That conversation with Hurley and Locke was so ... flat. You'd think information such as Jack, Kate and Sawyer being held captive would be conveyed with a little more sense of drama or urgency or shock. You'd think Hurley might be a little more freaked out. I'm happy in the knowledge that Naked!Desmond will be running into people who are hotter and much more excited about seeing a hot, naked man in fanfic. But no one else's shirt would cover Des enough for the censors. ;)

Mike the Pot Farmer looks real familiar. Little help? OK, that WAS Zeke. Hmm. That explains the beard and that whole charade -- and not much else! ETA 2: Okay, so they just look a lot alike. And I have seen that actor before. So ... eh.

Hmm. It really was a polar bear. I mean, I wasn't expecting a Wendigo exactly but still ...

I guess it would be too much for there to be a Locke rescue mission for the captives. Was that what everyone else was expecting? But it's going to be another vision quest for Locke? Next week? Or the week after?

So Locke's not a killer? Ahh, you can't join the Lost Murderers' Club!

Hey, no way Rodrigo Santoro and the other chick were there the whole time. They must all have been brainwashed into thinking they were there. Shades of Dawn. That's the complicated way to introduce new characters. Hell, with that method there's no end to the amount of new people they can bring in. It's the writers' "get out of jail free" card.

Next week: No more Sawyer!Torture 101, onto the master class. :-/ *hands booze to alliecat8. Yay for a Sawyer episode but ... is that all he's good for? Torturing? Beating up? Shooting? I don't know. I mean, I love action. I was hoping The Others would finally take their gloves off because they've been pretty damn dull so far. Lord knows I never complain about everything Jack Bauer goes through. But still ... I am anxious and not in an the excited way I was when it was "just" tying Sawyer to a tree.

And it looks like my sneaking suspicion is correct: they will be making Kate choose between Jack and Sawyer! That is straight out of bad fanfic. Why would they care who Kate loves or doesn't? If it's part of some overall psychological experiment, maybe. But if it's just "who will Kate choose?" that is LAME.

But are they at least all together or was that clever editing? *frets*

Psychic!Desmond. Okay, now that's cool. Me like. Also, I just like it when Desmond is onsceen. I even sit up and pay attention!

I thought that I heard Evi and Matt's voices come out of the new people (whatever their names are). Is that just me? Because if Desmond is hearing stuff wrong (or early) and Hurley is hearing stuff wrong and Charlie is acting strangely, that just might fit right in. I mean, the rest of the castaways don't think the new kids ARE Jack and Kate ... (although that would be kind of interesting! Bunny!) Still, something is very off.
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