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Grey's Anatomy

I'm sorry, hkath, but I just can't find 100 nice words to say about Izzie. :-/ I thought she was off the show after she quit, I didn't know she'd be back and I really don't see WHY she's still around. The business with the $8 milion check she won't cash is beyond stupid. Put it in the bank, moron! Let it earn some interest! Don't lose it! Who could sleep with that sitting around, uncashed? That woman just has zero judgment. ZERO. (And okay, that's the writing there, but still ... I loved her only when Denny loved her. Other than that? No.)

I kept trying to place the woman who needed a mastectomy and I finally did: Justine Machado, Rico's wife on Six Feet Under! I really liked her, at least in the beginning of that show! Then when he started cheating and she had that horrible sister, I was less on board them but I used to love them as a couple. TV can't ever have any happy couples though. :-/ Anyway, good to see her again.

Talk of Burke's hand problems is very unfortunate timing with the whole McChokey incident. I keep thinking HE HAS AN EVIL HAND HE CAN'T CONTROL! LOL. C'mon, every show needs a supernatural element, right? Jinxed elevator anyone?

ETA: We know now Denny was 36. And John Winchester was supposed to be ... 45 or so?

Also, how many episodes until George comes out? ;)

Oooh, 1.5 hours until I can watch SPN!
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