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A pretty mediocre episode, apart from the crushing Dean angst! AUGH!

Several good laughs: Dean catching Sam watching porn! Arriving at Neil's house saying, "We've come to hug!"

I guess I'm glad Zombie!Chick wasn't more zombified because Zombies freak me the hell out. Just like dolls freak out arabella_hope. This ep wasn't at all scary, except for Angela's reflection showing up on the TV screen as she stood behind her soon-to-be-very-dead ex.

And the end. AUGH. Here I thought this was all about Dean's grief and it was about his guilt. :-/ Of course the boys would figure out Dad's deal with the demon. Of course Dean would blame himself. And Dean still isn't telling Sam what Dad told him.

GAH! Dean angst against a beautiful backdrop of pine trees!


Sam in furrowed-brow mode. You know, he would make a good grievance counselor. He made a very sympathetic priest. (Dirty jokes aside...)

Dean entering a room, gun drawn, never gets old. (Hell, give me any show where this happens on a regular basis and I'm pretty happy, usually.)

Dean angsts to Angela's dad: "There are people I would give anything to see again but what's dead should stay dead."

Role reversal: Now Sam's his brother's keeper

Dean looks more dead than alive here. No mistake in the makeup this week, I think.

The most beautiful image from this episode.

Note to guest actors: It is always best to do what Dean says.

Dean's face as he nails Angela to the coffin. GAH. Not just another job. :-/

As close as Dean can get to Mom's grave.

Not okay. :-/


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Oct. 20th, 2006 06:05 pm (UTC)
I like Zombies though..and I shall be watching the epi in a mere minutes..I have yet another day off..but I have an excuse, the pain that had taken over my neck is finally subsiding..and plus, I actually have plans for tonight, it better not start bothering me again!!
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:21 am (UTC)
Oh good, feel better! And hope you enjoy the ep.
Oct. 20th, 2006 06:24 pm (UTC)
"What's dead should stay dead." I spent most of the episode thinking that they were going to reveal that he himself had thought about doing something deeply sketchy and that was supposed to be symbolic of Dean's rapidly unravelling mental state, but what he got was so much better. Oh, Dean.
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:24 am (UTC)
Dean is going to some pretty scary places and that just makes so much sense. As I said before, if Sam wasn't there, no telling what he'd do. I wonder if maybe John was the same way in his grief, and if maybe it was sometimes best that he wasn't home. :-/

(And now Dean's been given two reprieves from death, which makes me want him to meet Buffy or Darla ... *thinks* Someone posted a Dean/Layla the other day which I really must go read!)

Oct. 20th, 2006 06:29 pm (UTC)
Your review makes me wanna watch it again, because guh, the angst.
Seriously though, I kind of expected a bigger attack on Sam; if he has to walk around with a plaster for several episodes, it should at least have been a kick-ass fight.
And I'm still waiting for a hug. But well, so far the guilt and the angst and the pain have to suffice ;)
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:26 am (UTC)
The Dean angst is what gets me. AUGH. This ep was kind of like "Nightmare" for me, just okay, until that end gut-punch.

And I forgot while watching that this was the ep where they'd explain Sam's broken wrist. You're right, it wasn't much of a fight. But Dean telling him he's too fragile, awww, kind of ironic there, since Dean's the one who's so broken emotionally.

And no, they don't do hugs, heh. Which is why Dean can joke about it!
Oct. 20th, 2006 06:39 pm (UTC)
This ep wasn't at all scary,except for Angela's reflection showing up on the TV screen as she stood behind her soon-to-be-very-dead ex.
OMG,I can never ever watch that part again!
*screams and runs away*

Yay caps!:)
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)
The hair went up on the back of my neck. *shivers*

And mmm, I love to cap this show. I always go nuts, LOL. There are far more than I've uploaded here!
Oct. 20th, 2006 06:58 pm (UTC)
That last cap hurts me. Man alive. I almost hate Jensen for doing this to me nearly every week (except I totally don't).
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
*cuddles you both*

The boy breaks so beautifully. *sniff*
Oct. 20th, 2006 07:04 pm (UTC)
EVERY cap here are things that stuck out to me as well, definetly. I am so in love with the lighting on Dean's face when he leans in to whisper to the Neil guy. Just. akjdkld And his frustrated, exhausted thinking brow swipe. AND his double jaw twitch! ♥

It was kind of lame for sure. I was expecting it to be. It's just good that the shallow works and a few thrown in as shots and PORN[!!!] make me not even care.

I really wasn't expecting that twist at the end either - Dean's wall actually kept me from thinking what he really was - I thought all the WHAT'S DEAD SHOULD STAY DEAD!!! was all about John and his angst over not being with him (alive, I mean)

And his cheekbones? Could cut fucking GLASS, Jesus.

Oct. 21st, 2006 12:29 am (UTC)
It's hard to pick a frame where Jensen doesn't look good! (Although I should have picked an angrier one for his confrontation with Angela's dad, I think.)

The man is gorgeous. And the angst just makes him that much more beautiful.

(The James Dean thing - augh! No wonder he's called Dean. Have you ever seen 'East of Eden'? Man, that one killed me. Amazing book, fantastic film. There's a scene at the end where James is just crying and falling apart and it hurts!)
Oct. 20th, 2006 07:08 pm (UTC)
I'm totally gutted that I didn't get to see this weeks episode, so the stills were a nice consolation treat, thank you for posting!
Oct. 21st, 2006 12:30 am (UTC)
Ha! Your icon is hysterical! No, not the Dean pout! Hee. That's his best weapon! ;) Glad you enjoyed the caps and I hope you get to see it!
Oct. 24th, 2006 09:45 am (UTC)
GAH. Amazing picspam. I love this show ♥ ♥
Oct. 24th, 2006 07:33 pm (UTC)
My love for these characters just grows and grows and each week, they break me just a little more.
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