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What does it say about this week's Prison Break that I clicked away in the middle to watch this instead?

'Footage' of the McChokey incident OMG, I laughed so hard. Srsly. Ha!

Okay, back to Prison Break

Sara's smart enough to bug spray the assassin but not smart enough to realize that the one person who she told where she was is the person who sent more assassins to shoot her? And she's only alive thanks to luck? I am taking away that gold star you earned at the beginning of the episode.

LJ & Lincoln hug! Awww!

Awww. Sucre is still on Team Michael. And I knew he'd be fine. He's the Hurley of PB! They can't kill him off.

I guess I should have been riveted that Mahone and Kellerman are meeting but I wasn't paying that close of attention.

I think Michael's note should have read "Voulez vous couchez avec moi!" Eh? Eh? ;-) Because "rendez vous" is pretty vague there, buster.

Heroes: Nothing to say but Mohinder/Peter/Isaac smut now! ;) That and everyone should go rent Near Dark right now if you like Adrian Pasdar. Best damn contemporary vampire movie out there.

Anyone else watching (or remember) MI-5, season 4? I'm just to where Jo's joined the show. I like her. ;) (Yes, me, liking a new character! Stop the pressses!) A&E finally showed more episodes. Yay. That was one of the only good things about this past weekend, MI-5 marathon!
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