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Lost: Every Man For Himself

Much, much flailing over Sawyer. What Josh can do with just his eyes -- my god. When he tells Kate to leave him behind. When he walks away from Cassidy. GAH! *is broken in little pieces*

For once, the backstory fit with what was going on on the island -- and was also interesting! So we know that Sawyer will do things he's not proud of to survive. Which we already knew but I think the two stories dovetailed nicely.

I kind of yelped when we saw Sawyer was in jail. And with the shirtless, sweaty boxing!!! Oh my, that can't be ficced enough! The crossover potential is huge!

I'd heard a really long time ago that Sawyer had a daughter. I'm a little surprised it was with Cassidy, since she didn't seem the type to keep an unwanted child but hey, maybe she did love Sawyer after all? Yes, it's cliched and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of woobie fic about Sawyer meeting up with his daughter now. The fact that he did do something for his daughter (And yeah, Clementine? The fuck? Cassidy just see "Eternal Sunshine...?") means to me that he does care and that even though he will say he doesn't, his actions tell a different story.

Becuse, yes, I was very disappointed that when Kate asked, "What about Jack?" Sawyer did not immediately suggest finding him. :-/ Because it's canon that even if he doesn't looooove Jack, he desperately needs his approval. Jack's important to him! And he does have loyalty. So I'm fanwanking that that was just him talking tough, and that he does care. When he saw Jack, he was yelling as much as Kate.

And when Jack heard Sawyer screaming -- just the expression on his face killed me. He was crushed. And what would he have done if that was Sawyer's blood on Juliet? Because I love it when Jack gets his angry on and for it to be over Sawyer ...!

The whole "what they did to Sawyer and why" doesn't completely add up. Why did they need to give him a shot of adrenaline to the heart? (If that actually did do that.) That's if your heart has stopped beating. And you could administer it through the arm too, right? (That would be the Trainspotting method, vs. the Pulp Fiction one.) So that doesn't really make sense. I did not think there was a pacemaker. There'd be more surgery involved and a hella bigga wound!

The "do you love him" didn't actually make much sense either. If you have an enemy and you want to hurt them by hurting someone they love because you've just lost a loved one, then getting Kate to admit she loves Sawyer should have caused more abuse instead of stopping it. And he could have just beat the hell out of Sawyer without demanding to know if she loved him. I can't really see the point there. Seems completely counterintuitive. Do I believe Kate really does love Sawyer? Yes, a little. Did she have to tell him that she lied? No. :-/ But of course she cares -- she had just finished freaking out about how he was acting and that was a great line she had, that she was more scared by that than anything else so far. Because getting Sawyer to not fight back is scary. Did she realize he was trying to protect her? I guess the question is does he love her? A little, I think, but not completely. And she cares because she did not leave him behind.

I didn't doubt that Jack would work to save Colleen. I loved, loved that he basically told Juliet "Fuck you," when she asked if he was just trying to make her feel better. Go, Jack! She was at least more interesting this episode and I think that's because she had a lot more to do than smirk and talk very slowly. And fertility doctor, eh? Man, this show isn't all about bunnies: (although they are plentiful!) It's about babies!

And I haven't even mentioned Desmond yet! Here I thought we were getting pointless filler (but with gorgeous eye candy, how does that man get hotter and hotter by the minute?) but he was actually up to something. Now Paolo. That was completely pointless. And, apparently, he's a giant ass. And sorry, buddy, but next to Desmond you might as well be Hurley in the hotness department. Desmond just eclipses everyone. And that charmer. "I'm Scottish." Of course you are. ;)

And he saved Claire and Aaron's lives. dammit! I was joking that Charlie's going to have to drop the Catholicism and worship Desmond now. :) And everyone is going to have to get in line to get at the Desmond love.

In conclusion: there's two islands! (So the "this is OUR island" thing is a bit of a lie, eh?) And Benry, I think the key to gaining Sawyer's respect is not a con; the quoting literature thing seems a little better approach. And why do they need Sawyer's respect anyway?

All in all, I was so blinded by Sawyer/Josh love that even the things that didn't add up were just "OH WELL" and then reaching through the TV to hug and rock Sawyer.

(I have to say though, that shouldn't they all be more freaked out that Jack, Kate and Sawyer have been kidnapped? I hate how the splintering of the cast means that people ignore what's going on in the other storylines, because I fail to believe that everyone would just be dinking around as usual with a crisis on their hands. Sure, they're leaderless now but STILL. Looking forward to the eventual escape/rescue, whenever, however that happens.

And, of course, for Jack and Sawyer to be reunited. I would have loved to have him brought in to see to Sawyer's injures, though. :-( Poor Sawyer had to mop himself up after that last beating.
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