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Supernatural: Simon Said

No caps because I watched it live tonight. Thank you, GA rerun!

Another kind of so-so ep but how much fun was that to see Dean happily hand over his baby? And then promise to never leave it again? And to just say everything on his mind when Andy told him to? Heh. I can only imagine the fic that will come out of that! (And no, I'm still not doing the Wincest myself.)

Ellen rocks. I love that Dean is scared of her (or just uses that as an excuse to keep his distance from Jo.) And her telling him to mind his tongue. Yes, ma'am! And Jo ... seriously, anyone who likes REO -- I'm right there with Dean on that. Wimp rock! But how good was it to hear Soundgarden at the end? Very nice.

OMG, Dean singing! He has a nice voice. What happened though, did the tape deck break?

And heh, I guess they had to do an evil twin plot sometime.

The previews for next week. EEK! I totally thought it was a trailer for Saw III at first which is the kind of movie I never, ever go see. I'm also reminded of the "Unruhe" ep of X-Files, which I just caught in rerun recently. Spooky. That's the one where that actor with the jiggly eyes captures Scully. And he leaves behind these creepy images on undeveloped film at the scene of his abductions.

So that's their Halloween ep! (Or, actually, Day of the Dead! I have a Day of the Dead-themed SPN fic to write for spn_halloween I better get on. That's the day it's due. So that's what I'm up to this weekend! Other than actual Halloween party, for which I have no costume.
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