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Promo for this week's Lost

Okay, this is the first I'm hearing that ...

Someone is going to die this week. I keep joking they should kill off the characters that bore me but good grief, is it time to kill off characters again? Oh yeah, right, November sweeps. So predictable. The first time, it was shocking. The second time was still wrenching but ended up being completely gratuitous. And the next two were just "Eh."

That said, if it's an Eko ep and Eko goes, I can't say I'll really miss him. He looked dead in the Locke ep and I was fine with that. I like him, he just seems like he's in his own separate show. It's just not Lost when it's one of his episodes. *shrugs* I also don't see how an Eko episode would fit into anything that's going on right now. That would seem to be losing any momentum with the current storylines. If this were really an action-oriented show, the rescue would be number one on the survivors' agenda. Although maybe there is a rescue effort ...?

They could very well be killing someone else off and there's really only a few people I'm attached to at this point: Sawyer, Jack, Kate, Desmond, Sayid, Hurley. You can't have a show without Locke ... That's pretty much it. I wouldn't mind seeing anyone else go, honestly. (No offense to fans of the characters I didn't mention.)

Their rotating door policy does irk me. I fail to see why we need two new castaway characters, other than the flashback format requires new backstories and they can't figure out how to tell fresh ones for the existing characters. The flashbacks are crippling the show. Every once in a while, the flashback is better than what's going on on the island. Sometimes they complement each other nicely. But so often it's just a painful slog, a complete retread with the same old characters. It just kills me that there's dozens of new people we keep meeting on the island but in the backstories, it's been the same two or three people for most of the characters. Boring! I am so sick of the continuing backstories. And no new characters will ever be as interesting or as integral to the show as Shannon and Boone were. (Okay, apart from Desmond.)

I'm sure they're not killing off any of the major characters. Can it please, please be Claire? And her baby? Thank you! Or Maybe Michael can show up again and they can kill him!

ETA: You know, when other shows kill off characters, it doesn't feel as calculated as this. *thinks* Okay, on 24, I never knew who was going to go and when they did, it was VERY shocking. Same with MI-5. But because they didn't announce it ahead of time, it didn't feel like a cheap ratings stunt. Other shows, you tend to hear who's going ahead of time because it gets reported before they leave. I think the worst part about killing off characters on a regular basis is that it's such a gratuitous device. Boone's death made sense and helped deepen the show and the remaining characters. Shannon's death was so easily swept aside as to be completely pointless. And we all know the other two were mandated by ABC, even if it did end up driving the plot. I really do feel that the Lost writers don't even like their original show anymore, not the original concept or the original characters. Dudes, if you don't like your own show, you can always QUIT! It's not like you're maintaining any sort of level of integrity by staying, the way things stand.

Maybe it's just ABC insisting they advertise "someone will die!" and it's not quite as crass as all that. But it's not like those deaths are meaningful or have any repercussions. It's just out with the old, in with the new. And that's sad. It's also sad that I'm at the point where they could kill off about half the cast and I wouldn't bat an eyelash.

So this must be what's bumming out my flist? If you know specifics, I don't want to know.



Oct. 30th, 2006 06:02 pm (UTC)
I think one of Lost's biggest problems is it tells you shit like that ahead of time. I mean, maybe a certain amount is due to involvement with fandom. You can't help but hear things. I have a feeling that if my mom watched the show and she had no exposure to the fandom, she might be shocked by the deaths when they come, because she hasn't been hearing announcements about how they're adding new characters or killing off old ones, or whatever. However, none of that changes the fact that announcing it ahread of time is a stupid idea. Just freaking do it. Another problem is that the writers and producers of the show seem to be stubbornly clinging to the idea that they know what they're doing, and trying to convince everyone of that. Well, if that's the line, I ain't biting. I don't believe that there is anything redeeming to killing of characters for shock value, or sacrificing the ones that we came to love after the first season for new ones that we'll hate. :/ Yes. I'm still bitter about Shannon.

I don't know who dies, or when, and I really don't want to. I just don't want this to turn into the Jack and Sawyer show for me, where I only tune in to see the boys from week to week. I remember when I used to care about the character interactions and how they lived on this island, but that gave way to many a horrendous plot-twist that I really didn't give two shits about. The characters and how they played off each other made the show great. The aspect of crashing on an island and having to survive made it great. I miss that.
Oct. 31st, 2006 03:26 am (UTC)
Agreed. Anymore, the deaths feel like shock value, rather than anything organic or integral to the show. *sighs* You can't treat all your characters as disposable and still expect people to tune in.

I just don't want this to turn into the Jack and Sawyer show for me, where I only tune in to see the boys from week to week.

Welcome to my world. :-/ Okay, I still love Desmond and I like Hurley and Sayid and I kind of need Kate but they've eroded my liking and interest for just about everyone else on the show. I remember when I was interested in everyone but they've reduced so many of them back to those stereotypes they started out with. It's so discouraging. They keep claiming it's a character-driven show but it really isn't. It's about the gimmicks and the deaths and they can't even keep their characters in character or take into account what they've been through or how they'd act or interact under the circumstances. It feels cheap and shallow.

I still enjoy it here and there but my faith was really broken in S2 and they've yet to convince me they're not going to keep marching merrily down that same path to hell this week.

The characters and how they played off each other made the show great. The aspect of crashing on an island and having to survive made it great. I miss that.

WORD. That is the show I fell in love with. I wish there weren't so many peope on that island or so many mysteries and it really were a tale of survival. The more they get away from that and they more they clutter up the basic concept with useless crap, the more the magic of the show dies. :-/


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