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Man, I really hope that's the last of Jo. Why do all my shows suddenly have extremely annoying blondes on them?

Dean is not happy. Especially at being called "Deano."

Dean is pretty when he's annoyed.

She was spectacularly awful for the first 2/3 of the episode. That conversation about her father and the knives. *shudders* She definitely improved when she was scared or pissed off at the end. And her sticking the ghost with her little knife was very satisfying. I'm just sure they could have found a much, much better actress somewhere in the world. Evangeline Lilly is looking better all the time ! (I really don't have any issues with her acting anymore, just her talk show appearances!)

Guessed why Ellen was so mad at John a few steps ahead of the reveal there. Ouch. So much for the Roadhouse family. I loved Ellen and Ash, but Jo can stay gone or be recast.

And wow, what a creepy episode, with a capital C. The backstory was awesomely detailed and creepy. A prison yard where they hung people! The abduction at the beginning was very scary. And the sewer scenes. Eep! His pawing Jo was very disturbing.

I have a question: How did Holmes lure people into his "murder castle?" Were they residents? Did he abduct them?

Sammy's best "Bitch, please," face.

I let out a whoop of approval when the cement truck rolled up. Awesome.

And I love how the show lately has been wrapping up each episode, you think, only to deliver a little extra sting at the end there. That is what's keeping it from being just a "pretty boys hunt creepy things" genre tale.

Grey's Anatomy
My Miranda love knows no bounds. Her face when she saw her name had been erased from the board! Aww! Cristina, you are in so much trouble. :-/ Looks like this might be the beginning of the end for her and Burke as well.

And the Izzie love is slowly creeping back. It's pretty Mary Sue to have her be the only one to diagnose self-harm with the burn victim, but I think that parallel thing they do worked in this case. I mean, these cases are about as subtle as an anvil in how they mirror their lives, but most of the time it just works and results in some very rich storytelling.

And go, Alex, baby whisperer! Heh. Derek's sister = Total Bitch. Bye now!
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