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Lost: I do

I was really dreading this episode because that promo made it look like Jack didn't care whether Sawyer lived or died and if that's the case than my Jack love would be completely dead. If he had abandoned Sawyer and Kate -- and everyone else -- by getting himself off the island, well, they couldn't really let him do that, could they? I'm very glad that was just a ruse. Because that's what Michael did.

So, Jack is being heroic after all. He's letting them escape and he's not giving into Juliet and he's not just playing along. He is being a better man than it seemed like they were going to let him be.

Definitely the best Kate backstory yet. Made me cry when she had to leave Nathan. :-(

And I'm kind of incoherent about the Sawyer/Kate. Oh Sawyer. He's never let himself be that open. Just Josh's face. That was ... beautiful. And also made me cry. Just the way they looked at each other...!

I thought they might end it with us not knowing if Sawyer was alive or dead and I'm really glad that's not the case.

I'm a little too withdrawn from Lost to be blown away, but I am relieved.
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