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Supernatural: The Usual Suspects

(Spoilery comment within re: this week's Lost)

I think my favorite thing in this whole ep was the revelation of how the Winchesters find motels: first one listed in the phone book -- and register under Jim Rockford when one of them needs to find the other! Jim Rockford! Of course he's a total role model for them. Never found an alias or a fake i.d. he couldn't use to scam his way in somewhere. Ahhh, Jim! Still in reruns. And now on DVD! Seriously, if you've never seen The Rockford Files, please do!

Wow, this one was very Samtastic, wasn't it? To make up for last week? I was digging him a lot. Perhaps because the awkward hair now looks less like it's just grown out and more like it's an actual style. (Why yes, I am all about the hair.)

The ghost itself was quite scary. The faxing ghost seemed very X-Files (in a good way.) Linda Blair, I liked. The cheesy Exorcist joke at the end, not. Of course the villain had to be the one prominent character who was neither a victim nor helping the boys: Peter. I think Jason Gedrick was one of those promising young lads several years ago (like Skeet Ulrich or something) who just never made it all that big.

Anyway, I liked the episode, especially how they played off the whole previous "Dean is dead" storyline. Because yeah, doing what they do, they'd just be the likeliest suspect most of the time. I love how Dean just told them the whole truth, knowing they'd never believe it.

I leave you with some caps.

Sam is crushed to find out he's the Scully.

Dean's attempt to casually slip in a supernatural line of questioning ... not going so smoothly this time around.

Sammy mentally bitch slaps Dean for raising the questionee's suspicions that they are not, in fact, insurance reps.

Oh Jared, if you only knew the dirty thoughts this inspires.

Dean: a virtuoso of the mouth

Oh crap.

"My name is Dean Winchester. I'm an Aquarius. I enjoy sunsets, long walks on the beach ..."

Even more dirty thoughts.

One very pissed-off ghost

Sawyer and now Dean on their knees, about to be executed, in the span of one week. Be still my heart! (Not that I thought either would really be shot but still...)
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