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Guess my fandom meme

Stolen from gobsmackit

Summarize ten of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friends list can guess these fandoms!
1. Sleeping, eating, peeing: Dammit, we don't have time for that! 24, guessed by rogueapprentice and themoononastick
2. Your past and your future: equally fucked. Lost, guessed by rogueapprentice and themoononastick
3. I've planned everything down to the last detail ... oh crap! Prison Break, guessed by rogueapprentice
4. You're special too? Sweet! Heroes, guessed by rogueapprentice
5. Have guns (a trunk full, actually) will travel. Supernatural, guessed by rogueapprentice and themoononastick
6. Today's life lesson brought to you by eyerolling, moping, heavy sighing and sleeping with your boss. Grey's Anatomy, guessed by themoononastick
7. She's like, really strong. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, guessed by themoononastick
8. Wigs! Alias, guessed by cmonkatiekatie.
9. Never underestimate perky Southerners. The Closer, guessed by foxxcub
10. Gay Matt, gay no more! Desperate Housewives (with a nod to Melrose Place), guessed by arabella_hope and gobsmackit.
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