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Supernatural: Crossroad Blues

I really liked this episode a lot. I think it was the strongest one since the season premiere.

Dean being torn over whether to make a trade for his dad. GAH! What can I say? I love the snark but I love the angst so much more. Although I thought he had figured out about the trade back in "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things," and that that's what that breakdown at the end of the episode was all about. But this was just him and Sam being able to talk about it finally?

Also, I loved the legend of the crossroads and the deal with the devil, in this case, demon, not devil, and the hellhounds. I've always thought that Robert Johnson story was really fascinating and it made for a really strong episode. And I liked that they couldn't save the painter and he didn't want them to. I liked Dean being ambivalent about saving anyone who had made such a deal.

Of course you knew that Hudson had made the deal to save his wife (God, when she morphed into a demon for a second there - SCARY!) and that Dean was going to trick the demon into a devil's trap after all, but still a very, very solid episode.

And hey, is it just me or has there been a lot less classic rock this season? Licensing deals dry up? It made sense in this episode, but for the rest?

Okay, this one's not angsty. Dean's never heard of Myspace. "Is it porn?" HA!

Sammy: Not okay with not saving the day.

Neither is Dean.

Oh yes, Dean thought about making that deal.

Fade-out, for a change, on Sam.

Also, today is my two-year anniversary on LJ! *chinks glasses with flist*
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