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Fandom question

So Lost is my first fandom I've *really* gotten online and obsessed over. Yeah, I *discussed* Buffy, Angel and LOTR, but Lost is the first one I've read or written fic for. So I haven't seen how fic changes in response to a show's canon before. It's probably that initial non-canon pairings (like Jack/Boone, Sawyer/Shannon) get less and less as the canon starts to go in different directions. Like now there's a lot of Locke/Boone stuff because they're inseparable on the show. And I had given up on Sawyer/Shannon before there was even Shannon/Sayid so I doubt I would go back there.

Obviously some people are going to stubbornly stick to their OTPs, like Sawyer/Sayid, and just ignore the show or pick and choose what elements they want to be faithful to. For example, what jaye_voy is doing with "Consideration," where Sawyer went on his boar hunt, but it's still Sayid who comes around to his tent later, not Kate.

But, for those of you who've been doing this a little longer, on previous shows (or books), do some pairings just fall out of favor, never to be revived again? Do other fans hate it when a more or less out-of-date pairing is still being written? And what are your thoughts? Do you prefer fics to keep pace with the changes on a show/book or would you rather flog your OTP and the canon be damned?

Just curious. Thanks!

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