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OMG, everyone please go read arabella_hope's Sam/Sawyer amazingly hot PWP here.

Everything's better with Sawyer, especially the way she writes it. Dean/Sawyer. Kevin/Sawyer. HOT DAMN. These are all extremely sexy and just what the doctor ordered if you're craving hot porn. And since there seems to be a shortage of porny J/S fics lately* (and I'm not a Wincest-type of gal), these do the trick for me just fine.

*I know there are all those WWII AU fics I haven't read yet. Dammit. Whenever I get mine written ... one of these years ... I can go back and read those.

ETA: GUH. This is one of the hottest J/S fics I've ever read. THANK YOU, elise_509. Shower. Voyeurism. GO! I needed this so much!
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