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Peter is the bomb? No! He must come in contact with Mr. Nuclear Reactor. Eeep! Why was he coughing already ... he's not completely healed? And how cute are he and Claire? In the non-nauseating sense, I mean.

I'm not too sorry Eden was the one to go. I missed the beginning (darn TiVo -- I thought it said it was set up to record Heroes!), but I'm assuming Eden couldn't user her powers of persuasion on Claire's dad because of the Haitian guy. Who can talk! And isn't going to brainwash Claire. But she's lost her best friend. :-/ And now Sylar has Eden's power of persuasion? Not good.

This show just keeps getting more intriguing. Although, honestly, if they skipped the whole Niki/Jessica/D.L./Micah storyline I wouldn't mind. And hey, I finally i.d.'d Niki's dad -- Brokeback Mountain was on HBO and that same actor was Jack Twist's horrible stepfather. Yee-haw! Talk about your typecasting!

Dammit, is this show going to be in conflict with 24 when it comes back? Well, at least I can view Heroes online!

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