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On Lost moving to 10 pm to get out of the way of American Idol ... it's not the timeslot that's the problem, it's all the new characters who are taking time away from the original characters we actually tune in for, numnuts! There was that TV Guide interview D&C did where they acknowledged all the problems fans are having (dull flashbacks, glacial plot development, too many new characters, etc.) -- and then dismissed them as not important. *headdesk* I guess they have no interest at all in retaining their fanbase.

Speaking of new characters ...

Yech. I never pictured Jack's Thai odyssey including a makeout session with super tacky red-carpet fixture Bai Ling! Hmm. That puts a real damper on my excitement to finally see how he got his tattoos. I guess this means Jack gets some at long last? Not who I'd choose! Also, a three-episode arc? O__o Does that mean she ends up on the island or that she's the new Sarah?

I read somewhere that D&C said that Rodrigo and whatshername were only cast to divert suspicion away from the fact that it was going to be AAA leaving the show. And I also read (sorry, can't find the link) spec that Rodrigo's filming schedule is so full, he wouldn't have time to return to Lost. Also that fan reaction has been overwhelmingly negative so that's another reason they're (allegedly) ditching those characters already. Which would be nice! But I doubt we'll get that lucky. If anyone knows if we've definitely seen the last of Rodrigo, I'd love to hear that!

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