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Smile Like You Mean It (J/S ficlet)

Title: Smile Like You Mean It
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: PG
Notes: A Christmas ficlet for isis2015, who requested "Jack/Sawyer with Jealous!Sawyer." Here you go! Thanks to foxxcub for looking it over! Using for fanfic100 prompt, "Writer's Choice"

Jack’s laugh carried down the beach. It was an infectious laugh, one that didn’t seem to come from the Doc at all. But there he was, head ducked, eyes crinkling up as he giggled at some stupid thing Kate had said.

Not that Sawyer could hear her from where he sat, a few dozen yards off. Couldn’t hear anything either of them said. But he could see that easy camaraderie they had, how Jack subtly leaned in to share her space, how he caught her smile and threw it back to her.

Sawyer shifted in his seat, holding up the book he’d been trying to read in front of his face, like that could block the sound of Jack’s amusement. The words on the page were just a blur because all he could think was that he’d never made Jack laugh. Not like that. Sure, Jack laughed at him plenty of times. And he had that way of laughing that wasn’t laughing at all, the kind of exasperated reaction he had when he was too mad and frustrated to do anything else. And that sure wasn’t the same as that carefree chuckle that everyone else seemed to be able to elicit from the Doc without even trying.

He’d barely even made Jack smile. He’d seen Jack naked, moaning, head thrown back in complete abandon when he made him come. He’d seen him desperate and needy and angry and tired. He’d even seen Jack break and cry, but why was it that even though they’d been fucking for weeks now, Jack never smiled around him?

The fact that he was fucking Jack every chance he got was not something anyone else needed to know. They went without saying. So it made sense that Jack would scowl when he saw Sawyer approaching, that he’d always end the conversation or just abruptly walk away.

When Jack came to him, it was always rushed. The clothes never came off fast enough and then when it was over, Jack was always zipping up his jeans almost before he got his breath back. There was never any talking, other than a gasped curse or a low murmur of encouragement.

Sawyer’s seduction process had always started with sweet talk. But he and Jack had gone from fighting to fucking with barely a breath in between. It wasn’t until he heard Jack’s giggles -- he laughed like a girl, really -- that he realized that he missed that skipped step.

He stared at the ocean, willing the surf to drown out the sound of Jack’s laughter. No such luck. He hated this ache building inside him. He must be going soft to let something like this get to him. He swore and stood, making a show of putting down the book and stretching. He casually strolled towards them. Kate glanced up expectantly, her smile still friendly but tinged with that confusion Sawyer’s stopping to talk always caused. Because he always wanted something.

The smile died on Jack’s face, an impatient frown taking the place of that warm, open grin. “You need something, Sawyer?”

Sawyer’s plastered-on smile was broad enough for both of them. “Not a thing, Doc. Don’t need much.” He waved his hand to encompass the whole beach. “Sunshine. Nice view.”

He winked and Jack’s frown deepened, as if Sawyer were about to do something they were both going to regret.

Kate looked from one to the other, more than a little puzzled, but Sawyer was already walking away.

He’d never had to work this hard to coax a smile from someone. Usually just looking them in the eye made them blush and smile nervously. His secret weapon, those godgiven dimples that had gotten too many women to count flat on their back, legs up in the air, didn’t work on the Doc. He’d never had to resort to come-ons or lame jokes like so many guys. Short of tying Jack up and tickling him without mercy, he was fresh out of ideas.

He hadn’t heard Jack come up behind him until he said his name. He turned to see Jack standing there, hands on hips, that familiar look on his face of patience worn thin. “What? What do you want, Sawyer?”

Sawyer smiled, slow and easy. “Doc, anyone ever tell you you laugh like a girl?”

Jack stopped, squinting in confusion. “No.”

“And that smile of yours ... “

Jack’s head tilted to the side, blushing as he realized that Sawyer was flirting with him. “What about it?”

Sawyer looked around. They were alone. He stepped close enough to whisper the next words in Jack’s ear. “Wouldn’t mind seein’ more of it.”

He stepped back to see Jack looking straight at him, still wearing that puzzled expression. Like he was seeing something in Sawyer he’d never seen before. All too quickly, he glanced away, shaking his head in that way he had whenever Sawyer frustrated him. Sawyer expected the exasperated not-really-a-laugh next, the one that meant he was going to give up and walk away.

Instead, when Jack turned back to face him, a bashful grin was slowly spreading over his face. “What am I going to do with you?”

It was the easiest thing in the world to echo Jack’s smile. “Try me, Doc.”
Tags: jack/sawyer, lost_fic, lost_fic_s2

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