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2006 Fic meme

2006 first lines fic meme.

The first line of the first fic written each month this year. And hee, I'm a pretty canon-based writer, aren't I?

Jan - Sayid was right where Jack knew he’d be. (Every Day is Exactly the Same)

Feb - Sawyer wasn't in the hatch. (Stretch Out and Wait)
[Apparently all Jack does is look for people! And he has a 50% chance of finding them in the first place he looks!]

March - When Jack couldn’t open the hatch door, he chalked it up to the usual fuzziness from his lack of sleep. (Bittersweet)

April - The house looks bigger in the daylight. (As If You Have a Choice)

May - He should be thinking about the plan to get Walt back. (Caught Up)
[Pfft. Who wants to think about that? Clearly not me, since that's not what this fic's about.]

June - None

July - She's always in motion. (Circumstance)

Aug - "Whose blood is that?" Boone's question echoes in Sayid's ears as he runs hard for the clearing, Jack's medical bag in hand. (Blood)

Sept - The first woman he whispered those words to, she believed him. (Five Memories Sawyer Wishes He Didn't Have)

Oct - He stretches out his legs, or tries to. (This Time)

Nov - He stares straight ahead, his mind blank, as he mechanically chews the food they’ve left for him. (The Glass Wall)

Dec - "Something wrong with your hand?" (I Want to Hold Your Hand)

Ficlets still to come, schedule allowing! :-)

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