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Fanfic Authors Appreciation Week: Friday


It's Friday, time for a little friendly appreciation of foxxcub, whose writing just makes me swoon every time. Since we have become friends, she probably doesn't believe me when I tell her how great her stuff is. But darlin,' it is. Poetic without being pretentious. Fantastically hot and angsty at the same time and always deliciously in character. Sigh. I can't decide if the slash or het is better. Just keep 'em both comin' while I try to decide, OK?

Here's the fics:
Quid Pro Quo - Sinfully hot J/K/S threesome. Thank you for Ballsy!Jack. The world's a better place now. Guh.
Space - Sawyer nightmares lead to cuddling. Only she could write this and not have it turn into fluff.
Afterglow - Ah, Skate perfection. This just kills me. So achingly gorgeous.
Gin and Gemini - Everyone needs to drink more. ;-)

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