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Looking back/Cleaning house

Wow, a lot has changed in Lost fandom since I got on board in November '04. A lot of the writers have left or moved on. I dug up some old fic recs for zelda_zee and most of the authors aren't writing Lost anymore. Or, in some cases, have even deleted their LJs. At least some of the fic survives, if it was posted to comms.

Also, I'm sad I've let sawyerficrecs languish ... anyone want to join me in reccing over there? I think I might start a theme or pairing of the month and ask people to comment with recs. Suggestions for the first one?

I also decided to do some New Year cleaning of the flist. A lot of people I haven't talked to in a year or more, if ever. And there are still people on it I hardly speak to or hear from anymore or who just aren't on LJ much at all. Anyway, if you find mine is one of those LJs you keep scrolling past and want to take the opportunity to defriend now while I'm doing some very early spring cleaning, please go ahead. This isn't a personal thing at all, no one I'm angry with or anything like that. Just trying to keep my flist manageable and meaningful.

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