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SPN: Hunted

So ... Ava's not Sam's new love interest? :-/ I'm thinking she was adopted and she was the Angela or whatever name they gave of that list of four, so she does fit the pattern after all. Not that she needs to.

I love how they took Gordon down. Nice. I love that Sam and Dean have 800 contingency plans. And um, I'm almost feeling the Wincest there when Dean goes to check on Sammy's injuries after he unties him. :-/ Dammit. Why do they have to be brothers? *stamps foot*

Also, Scott was hot. It's a shame Scott (aka Electro Boy) had to die.

Pretty apparent that it was Jo who sold them out. Bitch. As if we didn't all hate her lame ass enough already. I'd love to see Ellen smack her sorry ass.

Anyway, any ep with Dean tied to a chair (and gagged!) is always a good episode. And Sammy kicking ass. Nice. And taking the legal way out. ;) He is a saint. I adore how Dean adores Sam. How can you not? <

ETA: Okay! Ava was the girl from Ginger Snaps. AHA!

ETA: Songs from the show --
White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane (Playing in the opening scene)
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse (Playing in the background at the road house.)

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