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Jack/Sawyer ficlet

Title: First Cut
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer, Sawyer/Kate
Word count: 344
Notes: Just a little impromptu (OMG canon!) ficlet. Spoilers for "I Do." Using for fanfic100 prompt "Life"

Jack's held Sawyer's life in his hands twice, fought blood loss and infection and shock and each time he's won. He lifted him unconscious and heavy and both times managed, somehow, to carry him. Now he holds Sawyer's life in his hands again, but Sawyer isn't even here. The man stretched in front of him, the man who trusted him to save his life, is dying drop by drop because that is the only way to save Sawyer. And her.

He watches the clock, waiting for the hour to tick past, for the headstart he promised Kate and Sawyer. Every minute that passes, they get closer to safety, if there is such a thing here.

He still holds the scalpel, poised to use it if any of them make a move for him, but none of them have tried anything. If they truly wanted Ben dead then this would have ended the second he made that cut. But Ben's life is worth Kate and Sawyer's. And so is Jack's. He has made the trade, the two of them for him.

Alone in his glass cage, Jack had tried to remember the feel of Sawyer's skin under his fingertips. Tried to remember his voice and the way he said "Doc," in that way that sounded like scorn but that he always knew was fondness. He didn't want the last sound of Sawyer's he heard to be those staticky screams that came over the speakerbox. At least in the last image he has of him, on that grainy television monitor, Sawyer looked peaceful. Maybe even happy. He tries to remember if Sawyer ever looked at him like that, with that mixture of awe and tenderness, but the television image is stronger now than his memories.

Seeing them together was as savage a blow as when Sarah left him. He should have seen it coming, but he never did. Jack just never learned. All he could do, all he could ever do, was just pick up the pieces and carry on, alone. But it makes things easier now. He knows exactly what he has to do. He can save Sawyer's life one more time.

He picks up the scalpel and makes the first cut.
Tags: jack/sawyer, lost_fic, lost_fic_s3

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