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Grey's Anatomy

Of course I'm wondering how much longer Isaiah Washington will be on the show. Apology enough or is he toast? ABC takes a hard line with actors who cause a lot of drama and scandal, y'know.

But wah for poor Mr. O'Malley. Not as sad as Denny, but just as inevitable. *hugs George*

And all the Alex/Addison shippers must be going nuts. Man, she gets around. Well, so does he. Hell, they all do! That's what makes it a soap opera. And I have to ask: has anyone ever, in real life, had an "almost kiss," like they did the last episode where they got interrupted just as they were both going in for it? I so never have. I seriously doubt anyone ever has. That's such a TV/move kind of thing.

I still love Miranda. So much. I kind of expected her to admit to Izzie that she gets emotional too but I'm glad it played out this way instead. I prefer Miranda to be the boss of Izzie and not her bff.

Okay, looks like I can't see SPN until tomorrow ... sometime.

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