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Happy 24 Day!

You know my fruitless search for decent (or rather, indecent) Jack/Tony fic? I finally found some! As I suspected, I had to go beyond LJ for some of it. These recs come via Television Without Pity's "Who Are You Writing For?" 24 boards. And I must say, I was surprised that Tony's on top in these fics. Who knew?

Off LJ:
I really like this writer. Good characterization, yummy smut. I wish she was on LJ!
Rain by Kass. Tony/Jack Post season one, Jack is still reeling from Teri's death and Nina's betrayal. He goes to a bar to get laid and runs into Tony. Drunken car sex ensues.

Paradise by Kass. Tony/Michelle/Jack. Post Season Four: Jack (who's still living under an alias) turns up while Tony and Michelle are on vacation. Michelle says she knows Tony loves Jack and decides to share.

On LJ:
Indelible by suitem. R-ish. Post S4. Tony/Jack are together, but there's still much they don't know about each other. Nice, sensual piece but not explicit.

Home by fightingthecage. NC-17 Post S4 Jack/Tony reunion fic. I could have done without all the Kim/Chase in this fic, and there are some sudden POV shifts but all in all, a very nice fic. I could definitely hear Jack saying some of these lines.

Also, there seems to be some Jack/Tony here worth delving into: freudianguns
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