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I think I can hear crystalkirk freaking out from here!

Dr. Romano is Jack's brother? Man. That is not a connection I saw coming. FUCK. And NO brotherly love there. Ye gods! It's not a hacksaw but yikes! Is JJ Abrams writing this show now, with the surprise siblings and all, LOL. Okay, clearly not because there's nothing mystical going on and the pace is still breakneck. So what the hell happened to make Jack not trust his brother? And with the wife? Who yeah, clearly has the hots for Jack because have you SEEN the guy she is married to?

And hey, Wayne Palmer is finally becoming presidential. It took a nuclear bomb to bring some of that gravitas that his brother just had naturally.

Also, Sandra Palmer, STFU!

Haven't watched Prison Break yet... it'll have to wait! And so will Heroes.

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