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SPN: Night Shifter

Oh damn. They really are so screwed. And can I say, that is the ONE decent Styx song they used, LOL. I love "Wanted Man/renegade/outlaws" type songs. I wanted to do a mix. Srsly, there's Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Bad Company, Bon Jovi (heh)...

Poor Ronald. He was so thrilled to find out he'd been right. And damn, how many shapeshifters are out there? And there's an FBI agent whose only job is tailing the Winchesters? Meep!

Thumbnails. Click 'em!

Sammy with the slicked-back hair!

Dean, dedicated FBI interrogator

Shiny badges!

Sammy tongue!

Dean listens to Ronald's tale of the Mandroid

Sam and Dean like to watch

Do NOT talk about my father like that.

Sammy kicks ass! Three of them! But they only needed the two uniforms.

So not a romantic situation.

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