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OMG, the previews for next week. "You are going to experience pain I can't even describe." YES. I don't think I've ever wanted to see someone tortured so badly. FUCK HIM UP, Jack. Is Graem going to gloat about sending him to China. Big mistake. DO. NO. PISS OFF. JACK. BAUER.

And dammit, Karen! I can't believe she caved into Tom's demands. She should have told the Prez what was going on. So her chances of dying go way up now that she's going back to Cali. Perhaps she's going to CTU to get ammunition to take him down?

Milo/Nadia, yep. *nods to foxxcub* Although ... his logging her in under his name could come back to bite one or both of them.

So ... Walid? A goner? Is that the end of that storyline or will there be some terrorist-related info on that cell phone after all? Because it's a bit pointless. But if Sandra Palmer is gone, I can't complain. (Although I doubt she is.)
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