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OMG, the previews for next week. "You are going to experience pain I can't even describe." YES. I don't think I've ever wanted to see someone tortured so badly. FUCK HIM UP, Jack. Is Graem going to gloat about sending him to China. Big mistake. DO. NO. PISS OFF. JACK. BAUER.

And dammit, Karen! I can't believe she caved into Tom's demands. She should have told the Prez what was going on. So her chances of dying go way up now that she's going back to Cali. Perhaps she's going to CTU to get ammunition to take him down?

Milo/Nadia, yep. *nods to foxxcub* Although ... his logging her in under his name could come back to bite one or both of them.

So ... Walid? A goner? Is that the end of that storyline or will there be some terrorist-related info on that cell phone after all? Because it's a bit pointless. But if Sandra Palmer is gone, I can't complain. (Although I doubt she is.)



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Jan. 30th, 2007 08:03 am (UTC)
I love that I read this even though I haven't seen any of S6 and I have no clue what any of this means...but I'm so excited that Jack's going to fuck someone up :)

*goes back to watching S5* Poor Edgar and Tony :(

Jan. 30th, 2007 06:09 pm (UTC)
Awww, what are you doing, potentially spoiling yourself? ;-)

But yes, Jack is ticked off and for very, very good reason. This guy has it coming for so many things he's done.

*zips lips*

And I know. TONY!!! Man, I was so excited when he showed back up in S4, running into that garage. Tony to the rescue! And gah! What a way to go out. :–( But he's with Michelle now. But man, poor, poor Jack, losing those two. Edgar was sad but I wasn't as attached to him. It's all that stupid Sean Astin's fault! Well, that and the terrorists! It really says something, I think, that I'm still watching the show even without Tony and Michelle. I know some people gave up on it but I still love Jack and I still like a lot of the supporting characters, even the newer ones!

Jan. 30th, 2007 02:51 pm (UTC)
So I got to the point last night where I felt a little bad for Regina King, because seriously, her character is so painfully ridiculous, to the point where I just KNEW Scott Winters was gonna smack a bitch. Ugh, at least the yappy dog is silenced for now. Although I don't think the FBI was totally in the wrong as far as suspecting those guys of being a terrorist cell (let's not even talk about the detainment camp, though, heh. STUPID BISCUIT.).

Speaking of The Biscuit, I think the reason Karen didn't tell the president about Tom's blackmail was because she didn't want to feel like she can't fight her own battles, you know? And I respect that, and besides--we all know Tom's gonna get ass raped in the end anyway, LOL.

I literally was holding my breath during those Milo/Nadia scenes. Those two have chemistry! But you're right, it'll probably come back to haunt them, but considering the circumstances and the fact that Buchanan totally doesn't support the extra security clearances, I think they'll survive. ;)

OMG, when Graem was crying and carrying on and then Jack was all "STFU AND TELL ME" and suddenly he just SHUT IT OFF--that freaked me out. That guy is COLD.
Jan. 30th, 2007 06:33 pm (UTC)
I'm wondering where the Sandra Palmer/Walid storyline can go from here. He's either seriously hurt or ... there has to have been some real terrorist activity there after all, I think. It's felt like kind of a dead end, otherwise!

I was very disappointed in Karen for backing down. It would take a while for the "scandal" to be made public and in the meantime, she could have gathered some info on Tom? She didn't even call Bill to warn him or get his advice.

Graem is stone cold. What must their childhood have been like, huh? I'm not sure I'm loving all the soap opera nature of Graem's wife in love with Jack (and his nephew probably really being his son), but this is definitely an interesting twist on Jack having no one to trust. I was reading the TWOP board last night and someone observed, "Everyone Jack knows is either dead or evil!" (Casual acquaintances and coworkers aside, for the most part.) But it's so true!
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