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"Wanted Man"

Two songs I promised my SPN flist if you're looking for more songs on that "Renegade" theme.

Wanted Man - Johnny Cash, live from San Quentin. Did you know Bob Dylan wrote this with him? He says so, right here! This is kind of a loose, happy, folky song ....

While this cover of Wanted Man by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is much harder and sinister. Definitely more alternative than any rock song you'd hear on SPN but still, if you like swampy, fire & brimstone, bluesy/punk/goth/cabaret, Nick's your guy. (And another song off The Firstborn is Dead - call-and-response blues: Black Crow King.)

Now I still want "Hangman" by *ducks* The Kingston Trio ... I don't suppose anyone on my flist has it!

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