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White Wings (Sawyer/Kate - PG)

Title: White Wings
Pairing: Sawyer/Kate
Rating: PG
Prompt: For Lost Riffs at lostsquee, "Fairy tale"
Note: I wasn't going to write anything for today and then this came to mind and voila, fic.

Kate lets her hands hover over the cuts on Sawyer’s back, two angry marks etched deep into his shoulder blades.

He won’t speak and she’s afraid to touch him. Finally, she gathers the courage to take the sponge and lightly dab at his back. He flinches, but he doesn’t cry out. He lies still and lets her clean his wounds. Even if they weren’t in a cage, she would think of a lion, one who should be roaring at its keepers, but now stares at them with dull eyes.

“I read a story once,” she says, hoping the sound of her voice distracts him from the pain. “A fairy tale. There was a girl. I can’t remember if she was trapped on a remote island or she needed to get to the island to free someone else. But every night, she took a thorn from a rose bush. She cut her back in two places and from the wounds, wings grew. And so she flew away.”

“Yeah, let me know when mine grow in,” Sawyer says with a gruff laugh, sounding, just for the moment, like his old self.

That night, curled in his arms, she feels something soft and downy at her cheek. When she turns to look at Sawyer, he stands, drawing proudly up to his full height. He stretches out his arms and behind them, as much a part of him as if they were always there, two, enormous white wings expand. He takes hold of her and flaps his wings and they shoot straight up, out of the cage, into the clear night sky. Beneath them, the island disappears, a black dot in the vast ocean.

A flash of white wakes her and she eagerly turns her head, certain she’ll see wings, but it’s just one of Them in impossibly white scrubs. She closes her eyes again.

If she tries hard enough, maybe she can remember the rest of the story.

Note: This is actually a fairy tale that I've been trying to track down for years! If anyone else is familiar with it, please let me know! I would love to find it again.

ETA: deej240z made me the most amazing banner to illustrate this story HERE. THANK YOU!
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