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Posting early because...

It's Morris's own photo, isn't it? They're totally going to nab him and make him reprogram the trigger. His brother isn't even in the hospital, I bet.

And damn, but is Phillip Bauer going to kill Graem?

Yes, well the Morris thing was easy to call. And who wasn't guessing that Daddy Bauer might secretly be evil. And by the OMGs I saw on my flist, I knew something big had happened. And this had to be it. FUCK. When will Jack realize his own father tried to have him killed? With Graem's death possibly an accident -- and one Jack will likely be blaming himself for -- Phillip is going to be able to fool Jack for oh, another 10 episodes possibly. Fuck. He's going to have to kill his own father. I have to say, Kiefer is just bringing it this season. The whole torture scene where he's half punishing, half comforting Graem? Gah!

(And heh, from the TWOP Forum: "That'll do, Graem.")

And so the whole Sandra/Walid story only served to give Wayne some backbone? Watch out Wayne! Remember what happened to your brother in S2. Palace coup! Having just rewatched a big chunk of S2, I have to say, if you don't like your boss, there's nothing like a little conspiracy to overthrow someone, or, failing that, just some good chloroform and you're back in business.

Next week: 2 hours of 24!
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