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I'm watching a rerun of the movie "Frequency," you know, with Dennis Quaid and James Caviezel, the whole son talking to his father in the past on the ham radio thing? It's got Elizabeth Mitchell in it, back when I, you know, actually liked her. (Seriously, back then if I was making a movie, I'd have hired her.) And Dennis Quaid has just rendered the villain unconscious and is checking his i.d. The guy's name? Jack Shepard. I shit you not. See, here's the proof. So there's your AU: Jack Shepard as an unattractive serial murderer from Boston.

Also, Bostoninan flisters -- how do the Boston accents rate in this thing? Oops. Not set in Boston! *headdesk* In my own defense, I did miss the beginning again.. And I think I just registered "everyone is doing a fake accent in this!"

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