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Lost: Not in Portland

I actually forgot this was going to be a Juliet episode. For a second I thought that was Desmond on the beach. :-( (But hey, next week is Desmond!)

Juliet: "If you have to, kill them." >:-(

Željko Ivanek is her ex? Wow, she's always had a thing for the creepy, unattractive guys? And wouldn't her hair be *curlier* in the tropics than it was in Miami?

"Tell him I said hi." *loves Sawyer*

ALEX!!! YAY!!! I knew she'd be the Other to help them out! :)

"Nice to meet ya, Sheena." (Didn't he meet her and her slingshot before...?)

Ha, Tom hitting on Jack. Heh.

Oh Juliet, just smother Ben with a pillow or something!

Juliet's help ... yeah, right.

Impregnated a male field mouse?!!! MPREG?!!!!!! Noooooooooooooo! WTF. THIS is the element of fanfic they want to run with?

So, she used to be an emotional basketcase and now she's a cold, hard bitch? Oh, what made her that way? *shrugs*

Room 23? Is Jim Carrey in there too? No, but maybe Malcolm McDowell is... Clockwork Orange, much? This is more interesting than To Kill a Mockingbird, eh?

She's trying to get her cancer-ridden sister pregnant? Yeah, great set of priorities there. And hmm. Rachel. Mother of Jacob and Esau, right? Oh wait, no, she married Jacob. But she was unable to conceive for many years...

HA! Random bus accident. JJ loves those. And so hey, Dharma, happy to make your homicidal wishes come true!

Yes! Kate goes to protect Sawyer.

JULIET SHOOTS DANNY. YEAH. And JJ also loves his trigger-happy women.

Jack: "So you're safe, you and Sawyer?"Awww. OT3! Except the walkie-talkie convo was just Sawyer's equivalent of Jack seeing Kate and Sawyer on the monitor, wasn't it?

Yeah ... so... if this episode was supposed to make me like Juliet and feel some sympathy for her? Not so much.

Ha ... Juliet can outcry Jack. It's the cryingest pairing on TV. Weepy doctors unite, heh. (Er, ignoring all of Grey's Anatomy for the time being.)

Next week: Rescue? Woo!

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