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Heroes: Distractions

First chance I've had all week to watch.

So being called Claire means you're going to be the leading man's half-sister?! Wow, what was the Peter/Claire shipper reaction? (At least there weren't a lot of Jack/Claire shippers in Lost, right?) The Peter-Claire thing? So Luke and Leia!

Loved Claire's real mom. No wonder her adopted mom is so scatter-brained, with so many mind wipes. :-(

Loving Invisible Man.

And of course, clever Hiro.

Trying to place that actress who played the prison psychiatrist (Paula Newsome) but nothing really rang a bell. Perhaps that Night Stalker ep? Still finding Niki the least interesting part of the show. What is it with most of the blondes on my shows?

Can someone rec some good Heroes fic...? Something slashy? I think I might want to dip in. And I'm booooored.

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