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A golden age for fic? :)

I suspect several people are doing what I am today, catching up with Lost Riffs fics so they can nominate at lost_fic_awards since noms are due today. We were all so prolific! And so many amazing fics! I had a terrible time choosing what fics to nominate! I think I nommed something from every prompt. :) I also kind of wish there were a category for drabbles or "fics under 500 words" or something because there have been so many excellent ones lately. hkath what do you think of maybe adding something like that?

I also figured out I could apply several more fanfic100 prompts to recent fics, so I'm now up to 64 Jack/Sawyer fics. Woo hoo. I don't know if I'll ever write a Thanksgiving fic, though! And "orange." Let's see, what's orange? Prison jumpsuits, for one thing. *thinks* I could probably do that. I just have about a billion fics I want to get to and fics I've promised people. And who knows what else new Lost canon will inspire?

Okay... rambling and stopping now.


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