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Silk (Jack/Sawyer Pirate 'verse fic) R

Title: Silk
Pairing: Jack/Sawyer
Rating: R
Summary: Pirate porn + bondage
Note: Set in the same pirate 'verse as Shooting Star. Originally written (and very slightly modified) as coment porn for zelda_zee. Using for fanfic100 prompt "Yellow." Kinda semi non-con.

Jack pulled against the ropes around his wrists. They were tight. Trust a pirate to know how to tie an inescapable knot. Sawyer slipped a saffron-colored cloth -- silky and vaguely smeling of sandalwood and vanilla -- over his head and tied it tight. Jack's eyelashes fluttered under the cloth, its silken touch almost soothing compared to the roughness of the ropes. All he could see now was a blur of yellow, like he'd been blinded after staring too long at the sun.

"I can't see," he protested and Sawyer slapped his bare ass. "That's the whole idea. Boy."

Jack shivered in anticipation and a tiny bit from cold. He was completely naked, except for the blindfold. Every hair stood on end on his body. He was all alone, completely at the mercy of the most wanted pirate on the seven seas.

"Now, boy," Sawyer continued, speaking in that low, throaty way that Jack had never heard him use before. His voice alone, caressing, threatening, made Jack shiver. "You're mine to do with whatever I want. You can make all the noise you like. You'll just be advertising to my crew what a fine fuck you are if they hear you cryin' out."

Jack sucked in a breath, allowing himself to get well and truly scared. Sawyer laid one hand possessively on his hip and Jack bit his lip. He wasn't going to make any noise... he wasn't... Sawyer's hands continued to roam over his bare flesh, tugging at the hair on his chest, tweaking his nipples hard enough to make him break his just-sworn vow of silence. "You like that?" Sawyer purred in his ear. "You want me to be rough with you?"

Sawyer abruptly released him and Jack could hear him cross to the other side of the cabin. When he returned, he laid a cold blade across Jack's neck. "Because I can draw blood, if you want..."

"No, no, please, sir..." Jack begged. "Please, don't hurt me."

"Not if you're a good lad," Sawyer chuckled, managing to sound even more sinister. He ran the flat side of the blade down Jack's side as he pressed his own body against Jack's, letting Jack feel his stiff cock along his backside. The knife clattered to the floor. Jack's knees went weak as Sawyer's hand, sloppy with oil, slipped between the cheeks of his ass, one slick finger roughly probing his opening.

Jack pulled at the ropes until his wrists burned but there was nowhere to go. He couldn't help the groan that escaped him as Sawyer, with a deep grunt, shoved up and inside him. Jack, imprisoned between the rope and Sawyer, let himself go limp. Sawyer held him firmly by the hips, curses and filth spewing from his lips with each rough thrust. Jack hated to admit it, but he was as hard as he'd ever been in his life, his cock throbbing and aching to be touched, if only his hands were free.

He moaned and, as if he could read his mind, Sawyer reached around to take Jack in his left hand, still thankfully slippery with the oil. Jack's head fell back against Sawyer, completely surrending to the movement of Sawyer's body, Sawyer's hand. His mind went blank and his body shook violently, unable to stop from coming over Sawyer's hands and down his own thighs. He sagged and would have fallen to his knees if it weren't for the ropes. And Sawyer.

"You're mine," Sawyer grunted, still holding on tightly, still moving, but erratically now. "Jack... God... so glad you're mine." His hands dug into Jack's hips -- hard, convulsive -- as he came, filling Jack with heat and scent and wetness. Sawyer just held onto him for a few minutes, minutes where Jack wasn't sure where he ended and Sawyer began.

Sawyer, now soft and spent, pulled out of him with a sigh. Bereft of his support, Jack jerked suddenly against the ropes, giving another bruising jolt to his wrists. But then Sawyer gripped him around the waist, holding him upright while he undid the ropes. Jack sagged against him, quiescent, his body completely in the pirate's control.

He still saw nothing but golden light from underneath the silken sash. The cloth was removed and he blinked rapidly, only to have his vision instantly obscured by another kind of golden silk; the fair hair of the pirate brushing over his face as Sawyer's lips grazed his forehead. The curtain of blonde hair brushed over him, kissing his face where Sawyer's lips didn't reach.

Sawyer took one of his hands in his, cradling it between his palms. He swore out loud. "Jesus, Jack, did you have to pull so much?"

Jack held up his hand, seeing the angry red rope burn for himself. "Wanted it to feel real," he answered with a smile. "Wanted to feel what it was like to be savaged by a real pirate."


"Magnificent," Jack grinned "Everything I could ask for."

"Good." Sawyer grinned. He reached for the oil and gently dabbed it on Jack's poor wrists. "That's my good little prisoner."
Tags: jack/sawyer, lost: au fic, lost_fic

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