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Lost: Flashes Before Your Eyes

Last week, MPREG. This week, AU. Next week HAS to be slash week, right? Finally? :)

Seriously, I liked this episode. Good, mindbending Lost of old. Good, likable characters of old. Good characters getting each other drunk for nefarious purposes scenes. And seriously, any Desmond/Charlie shippers out there must have been squealing for joy. And NO OTHERS! Hallelujah!

"Wonderwall" is now a canon song. LOL. Busking (clean!) Charlie was cuteness.

And you had to know that Fionnula Flanagan (the scary housekeeper of "The Others" - the Nicole Kidman flick) wasn't just there to sell a ring.

I can't believe Desmond would give up on Penny so easily, but he was trying to make it right.

And so help me, I thought it was Claire who was going to keep dying. Didn't see the Charlie angle coming.

I'm still thinking about this episode, and that's good. It might not entirely hold water but it definitely held my attention and I adored Desmond all throughout and it was a very nice change of pace. I still can't believe I'd prefer a Desmond-centric ep to the eps that have come so far but there you go.

ETA: Okay, Lost, please to be stopping with the repeated footage. Especially from the same episode. We can remember plot points and lines of dialogue from less than an hour ago, okay? I know that we're getting Desmond's deja vu, but still, that's annoying.

So... no rescue efforts this week. *consoles zelda_zee for lack of Sayid*

Oh, and as for Bones. Thank goodness Jack didn't leave! I swear, that boy gets cuter every week.

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