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Kissin' and stuff

Seen that awesome Rembrandt kissing ad? With the "Hold Onto Your Love" song? Just saw that those models are dating in real life now. AWWW. She's Spanish and he's American and they couldn't even speak each other's language at first, just kiss! (Thank you E! News for this breaking story.) Weirdly, this was flagged at Youtube as potentially "inappropriate," which is bizarre since there's no tongues and it's been shown on network TV already. Some people seem to regard this as "soft-core pron." HA.

In other news, I looked up whose eps are coming up next on Lost:

Lost-Media says Jack, then Hurley. Epguides.com says Hurley, then Sayid, then Claire.

I still have memes and stuff to get to ... and hey, new GA and SPN tonight!

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