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GA - Drowning on Dry Land

holycitygirl - did you watch? Total Mark/Derek moment!

So they can't really kill off Meredith. I had heard that there was going to be a Denny cameo that wasn't a flashback and wasn't a dream, so this was it! Still a surprise even having heard that. And DAMN it's good to see JDM on my TV again! And Kyle Chandler was able to get away from FNL.

Can I just say, once more, STFU Izzie! Your friend is possibly dying, now is not the time for a hoky speech about eating tubs of butter and definitely not the time to tell George he made a huge mistake marrying Callie. You cannot tell people that. Ever! Not until after the divorce is final. Just when I think it isn't possible for me to hate her more. *seethes*

I'm still loving Alex/Addison. The whole "I'd notice if you were gone," thing. I don't think she meant to tell him she was quite so alone as all that, she was just thinking out loud. And George - could you at least *try* to maintain professional boundaries at work? No wonder Callie is being so snippy with you!

*checks on SPN* 5 hours -- allegedly!

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