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That guy at the end that Jack talked to: Last season's president, Logan. So now he's disgraced and out of power. I hope we see his wife again too. Jean Smart! She was so fantastic last year!

It's not hard to believe Jack was willing to die at his father's hands - hell, the man lays down his life at least once each season, if not more often!

But that he was apologizing to his father? Wow. Jack is one messed-up dude. Now, more than ever I want to know what happened to his mother. Dead in childbirth? Off living on the French Riviera? Undermining some other government somewhere? I don't think it's just going to be Morris hitting the bottle after today! And Morris is going to fuck up even worse soon. AUGH.

Also, who knew Milo was so hot? I mean, I've always kind of liked Eric Balfour but he's much more pumped-up than I pictured!

Tom Lennox grew a conscience just a leetle bit too late. But that is the way these things go. He can't possibly live now, can he?

Meanwhile, where's Karen?

ETA: [Excerpt from TWOP boards:
Jack's been ready to die and trying to get himself killed all day. But no one can seem to get it right, poor guy.
Heh. Yeah, I'll bet that hanging out with Jack is a real drag these days.

"Hey, Jack you wanna -"

"Fine. Go ahead and kill me."

"-grab some lunch, Dude. I was going to say 'grab some Lunch'"
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