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Lost: Stranger in a Strange Land

That's it for the sex scene? That's all we got in the previews! In fact, didn't we kind of get the entire episode in the preview?

Okay, so that is not what Foxy's tattoos say at all. THEY DIDN'T EVEN SHOW HIM GETTING THE TATTOO! No fair! And that was the stupidest version of "how Jack got his tattoos" I can possibly imagine. Good grief. :-( Bai Ling and her stupid "gift." *rolls eyes* Could her character be any more ridiculous? Can they write *any* decent female characters? And she sees that Jack is "a leader, a great man." Can they shoehorn in the themes of the show any more blatantly?

Jack the stalker again. Nice.

Could they shove the Jack/Juliet at us any harder? OMG, wtf is Jack helping her? Because the writers need him to get all googly eyed at her. I'm sorry, but that pairing makes me completely ill because they're just pushing it down our throats.

And Isobel is just the slightly bitchier, slightly less pretty version of Juliet, eh?

So Kate has *nothing* reassuring at all to say to Sawyer? :-(

And they're obviously not sending Jack and Juliet home so they must just be going back to the other island.

Next week: Jack's back? With Sawyer? Scenes with Sawyer?!

ETA: No, I guess no Jack for a while. Which also means Juliet, so hurrah! And so the rescue must not happen until the Sayid ep at least.

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