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Grey's Anatomy: Some Kind of Miracle

Okay, I sobbed like a baby through a lot of this episode. Only this show can do that to me. Okay, and Supernatural. I SOBBED. Not for Meredith, because, let's face it, the whole afterlife group therapy thing was hoky as hell and honestly, pretty lame.. And pretty much undercut whatever suspense and gravity from the whole "she still doesn't have a heartbeat" real life dilemma. But whenever the camera was on Derek, he was so RAW and broken. When Addison told him he couldn't fall apart, and he already was, GAH. And then he yelled at Ellis! Because he needs someone to blame because of course he feels guilty. Give this man an Emmy now. I'm serious. (Kiefer got his last year... )

And Cristina! *chokes and sobs* I'm sorry but when Cristina is crying and losing it I can't help but do the same. Big, choking sobs. She was crying. And Bailey left them alone. OMG, the face touching. If there are Cristina/Mer shippers, they must have died of joy.

And then when Meredith admitted she gave up, okay, I started to cry there too. And when her mom hugged her. I'm a big sap, okay? I admit it!

So, Derek will live with the guilt of (sort of) killing off her mother, but if Ellis hadn't died right then, then Meredith would not have had that moment with her mother. (Yes, the afterlife stuff was real, right? Because... Denny!) And Richard saying goodbye to Ellis. :-( I love that he loved her, even when she was ill. I love that this show is not just about the weepy interns but about the adults of the show. And mostly, I love this show, even when it has hokier than hoky dream/afterlife/near-death sequences.

The only thing I hate about it is Izzie. Whom I want to reach through the screen and CHOKE. WTF? That wasn't even an apology to George. So he's your friend, that does not give you the right to abuse him and his wife.

In conclusion: Me, big sobby puddle who loves Derek and Cristina more than words, and thus, Meredith by extension.
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