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Wayne is down! Assad is down! Karen is still missing!

Morris *is* a closet drinker and he's going to jeopardize them all at a critical juncture. And where's Milo? If he's off recuperating, so should Morris, right? And given how they've been able to bring in other people at CTU on previous seasons, I say it's high time that Morris went home and stopped fucking up. But then again, being injured and/or tortured on the job and then having to keep *doing* your job is a longstanding CTU tradition.

I was really, really tired last night so I wasn't at my most appreciative but definitely one of those transitional eps where they're busy laying groundwork for the next few plot arcs. foxxcub, let me know if you have Qs. I thought they explained Logan's role pretty well: He was instrumental in the plot to assassinate David Palmer and just a complete jerk all around. He's definitely not to be trusted. This religious thing is probably an act. I wonder what was up with Jack's scrutiny of that highlighted Bible verse. Somehow, I don't ever see Jack Bauer as having read a Bible in his life. (Tries to picture the Bauer family in church -- fails.)

Next week: Kiefer in a suit! What? A clothing change is a BIG DEAL on 24. ;) And Jack's already had two. Woo! Maybe we'll see him eat and drink at some point?

And on Prison Break: No more C-Note? Not that I'd mind. Can T-Bag off himself next? I have been fast-forwarding through his scenes anyway, but really, what point does he serve on the show anymore? And that's it for LJ's return? :-( It makes sense but I miss him.
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