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Lost 3.10

*more or less as it happens*

I could not figure out who Hurley was talking to off-camera at first. I totally forgot Libby existed! Even though I just mentioned her in a fic! I figured Hurley had to be talking to Vincent. Or maybe Shannon's grave...?

And wait ... what the hell did Kate want Sawyer to apologize for?! That whole scene was so weird. Kate can sure turn it on and off. Is she bipolar or something? I'm just ... the continuity here makes no sense. None! But hee, of course she only loves Sawyer when he's injured. Still, it's just off. Way off.

And hey, they solved another Lost mystery for us. Why does Hurley overeat? *eyeroll* And did his Cheech's inspirational speech before taking off remind anyone else of Ricky Bobby's dad?

Beer! Ha! And dead Roger. Can all the new characters they introduce from now on be dead already? That would be awesome. :)

Awww, the Sawyer & Hurley hug! And a Jin & Sawyer hug too! :) Sweetness. This is such a cute scene. Beer, Vincent and the boys. That sweet smile of Sawyer's when Hurley calls him "Red. Neck. Man" and he just says "Touché."

Okay, so Mr. Reyes' speech about the fresh start explains Kate's "fresh start" speech to Sawyer? Because everyone has to be thinking the same thing in each episode?

Ha! Cuteness with the van joyride. :) And Charlie didn't die!

Ahh, no Kate for Sawyer? Sawyer/beer OTP.

Danielle to the rescue. Well, that actually makes sense. Kate deciding she doesn't need Sayid & Locke, however, makes no sense. Good thing they tagged along. Guess they picked up that little trick from Kate, eh?

Now to watch the local ABC news for 'Lost secrets' and some new character...

Producers promise:
-- New character, Marcia Tomason (sp?), chick from Las Vegas ... is that show still on? They say she's the first character who "wasn't on the plane, isn't an Other and wasn't in any flashbacks." Umm, what about Desmond? And Danielle?
-- Next week: Answers about Dharma's relationship to The Others... *zzz* sorry!
-- In 3 weeks, Locke's wheelchair mystery. Bets still on for VW bug accident or hunting mishap!
-- Season Finale "surprise with a twist." *holds breath ... for three seconds* Pennacchio says that it's "the rattlesnake in the mailbox." Oh-kay.
- And Juliet gets in on the love triangle. Yeah, we knew that dumkopf. She was originally announced as Jack's love interest for this season and they've only been beating us over the head with it from ep 3.1 on. However, for a minute there, it made it look like they were introducing yet *another* new love interest. Why not? Jack falls in love at the drop of a hat anyway.


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