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Lost: Enter 77

Wow, zelda_zee's fic Fallen was the perfect thing to read before this ep!

So, was that the same cat? (Like Kate's black horse, Sayid's island spirit animal is a kitty!) And was Sayid telling the truth or just lying to save his own skin?

Sayid's backstory was excellent. The island stuff was kind of tense and seeing Sayid in action and being smart was great. But then again do I care about the Dharma vs. Others stuff? Do I care about whether they had a submarine? NO, I DO NOT. At least there's one less Other now. Maybe they can keep plugging each other in the chest?

I think Locke has some computer-game-addiction problems.

Aha, finally, explosions! Except that has nothing to do with saving Jack. Dammit, I wanted them to be bombing the Others compound to kingdom come!

Seems like one of the first times the episode name comes from the island stuff instead of the backstory.

And sadding Sawyer with a lightweight B-story is always lame. At least it was short.

Also, how does Hurley know that Kate is with Sayid & Locke? Did Desmond forsee it? Island walkie talkies?

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