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24, The Riches, Grindhouse

Well, thanks promo monkeys for giving away Martha attacking Logan. *grrr* Clearly she wasn't going to stop with just the kiwi throwing! And no, clearly NOT the most shocking thing to ever happen on 24. *tsks* Unless she broke out a hacksaw. And don't count Logan out yet. But OMGYAY for Martha/Aaron! *squee* And he looked quite trim. Apparently shacking up with the former first lady has agreed with him. Or kept him on the go.

So last week I hadn't noticed at all that the Russian ambassador dude is Denethor! No wai! And how much did I love Jack improvising with that belt? Now that is the Jack Bauer I know and love. :) But I'm sorry, I will never buy Ricky Shroder as any kind of a badass. Not even after NYPD Blue. Just never. Not gonna happen. Milo, go kick his ass!

And every time I see Powers Booth I just think of him as Reverend Jim Jones. In other words, scary batshit crazy. Right, yeah, let's go nuke as many people as we can. He's just a shade less crazy than the current POTUS.

Wow, this was a lot darker than I expected. I liked it. Very interesting premise. And miracle of miracles, the kids weren't annoying. Yep, I'll be watching again. Eddie's accent, as predicted, was all over the place. Minnie was excellent.

The show was sponsored by Grindhouse, and hee, now I'm definitely going to go see it. It totally looks like Faster Pussycat, Kill, Kill. Rosario Dawson described it as "Quentin's badass chick flick." Yep, I'm sold! ;)

Also, as I was leaving Trader Joe's, they were starting to play "The Payback" by James Brown. (As featured in "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Why do I not own this movie?) So I had to go download it from iTunes when I got home. OMG, why am I picturing a super badass Sawyer video set to this? If I were only good at vidding, I would totally do that. Can't you just picture it? Sawyer, pushing those sunglasses down his nose? Playing pool? Boxing in prison? Swaggering? "I don't know karate but I do know ca-razy!" when he's bringing in Jin? And of course, giving his "new sheriff in town" speech? YEAH, baby.

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