halfdutch (halfdutch) wrote,

Lost: Par Avion

They can't really have expected anyone (short of anyone watching for the very first time) to be surprised by the Claire-Christian connection? I didn't even watch Two for the Road and of course I knew.

She looked gorgeous with the goth hair. I too was thinking how much she looks like Olivia Wilde's younger sister. Desmond is still hot. Charlie lives to play house with Claire another day. Locke is still acting like a dumbass. Sawyer is still mopily reading on the beach.

Nothing really new here, except Claire likes nature programs and her mom was in a coma. (And now the Lost soap opera is complete! Faux incest! Amnesia! Coma! Brainwashing! Secret siblings! All we need now is evil twins....)

So has Jack been brainwashed? I knew that was coming, having gone and deliberately spoiled myself in finding out about upcoming eps. I'm sure we'll find out he's faking it, etc. In the meantime, time for more Kate/Sayid fics?

Also, was anyone else disappointed that the security fence didn't *ZAP* Mikhail like one of those flyzapper things? Clearly, I have no heart, heh.

Anyway, all in all, an okay ep. Having Claire doing something besides yell "My baybee!" was very good. Her episodes have always been pretty good, it's just they have no idea what to do with her in the meantime. But ... did they put any semi useful info in that seagull note, like "We are the survivors of Flight 815" or was it just to serve as voiceover for another pretty music montage?

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