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So the "Gizzie" hookup happened. Even if I hadn't been spoiled, you could see that coming a mile away. I have to say, as much I've hated Izzie all through this season and especially this episode where she was relentlessly pestering Cristina for gossip about Marlow, the look on her face the next morning when she saw George in bed with her was priceless. But how much better would it have been if she and George had just gone back to being friends and she had (finally) given him some good advice about Callie? I guess it's too much to ask Izzie Stevens to behave unselfishly. They are officially now the two sluttiest people at Seattle Grace. That's what, three or four cowokers each? Ha, George is the sluttiest of them all, even sluttier than Meredith!

In other parts of the ep: Burketina is disentegrating and that feels like it's about time. And I love how much Derek loves Meredith. That just warms my heart. What can I say? And Shoreh Aghdashloo is always great.

Well, that was BLATANTLY obvious she was a ghost. Good grief. The whole "sitting down and talking about why some spirits don't move on and where they go afterward" was the real kicker. The pacing was really slow. I think they could have amped it up and made it more of a surprise. But yeah, we've all seen The Sixth Sense. EIGHT YEARS AGO. This was kind of like an episode of "Haunted," where you knew everyone Matthew Fox ran into was a ghost, so any twist revealing that at the end was just like, "Duh!" Even though he did get tied to the bed in that one "held captive by hillbillies" one so it wasn't all bad. Anyway, ho hum ep, but at least that chick can act, unlike all the teenyboppers they usually hire.
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